Brother HL-6050D Printer Driver

Brother HL-6050D Printer Driver - Abouts Brother HL-6050D is now the wide variety two dealer of laser printers within the Google UK, second best to HP, and affords a wide variety of machines from the google via to the departmental. Its HL-6050D is at the workgroup stage, is rated at 24ppm and has duplex printing built in.

It’s someway comforting to look a new printer decked out in properly antique workplace cream; such a lot of have resorted to greys, blacks and silver. This is a reasonably-sized laser printer, even though it does have a 500-sheet paper tray at the lowest and the facility for a 2d tray of the same ability as an option. There’s additionally a one hundred-sheet multifunction tray which folds down from the front. All pages feed to a depression inside the printer’s pinnacle floor.

Brother HL-6050D Design

Image Brother HL-6050D Printer Driver

The control panel consists of a sixteen-individual LCD show, with a dual-colour – orange and green – backlight to indicate accurate running and any ready or error situations. There’s a four-manner wheel to manipulate menu navigation and 3 buttons marked Go, Job Cancel and Reprint. Each of these ultimate 3 has its Braille equivalent below the broadcast label.

The Reprint button does quite a good deal simply that, printing the last document to be sent to the printer, while not having to ship it again. This is handy in case you first ship a evidence sheet, check it thru on the printer and then need to move ahead with some of copies. This facility could be even handier, even though, if it was blended with a USB socket on the front of the device, so that you should walk up and print private documents.

Fold down the whole of the front cowl and you've access to the 2-component toner and drum cartridge. The toner cartridge plugs into the drum cradle and has a carrier lifestyles of 7,500 pages. The drum itself have to manipulate 30,000 pages. This is very honest from a upkeep point of view and the two sockets on the rear, for USB 2.Zero and parallel cables, offer popular connections. Both Ethernet and wireless adapters are alternatives.

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